Stala & So. Shout!
It Is So.
Gimme Five
Lordi The House
Twelve Inches Sixpack
Järjestyshäiriö Kunnes toisin todistetaan
Levoton/Kuin tuhka tuuleen
tuhlatut päivät, valvotut yöt
Lähiön lapset
Mika-Antero & Slipover Painun pois
Vink Somersault
Rockamania Rockamania
Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
Honey Hellraiser Love It A Lot (single)
All Night Tonight -ep
Nothing But, Nothing But Right (single)
Naked Idol My Weakness
Back From Oblivion
Junction Goodbye To Yesterday
Mountains Of Kong Walls
Suicide Hotline
Malice In Wonderland
Olavi Tikka
Wellu Rowaltz Rowaltz
Backing vocals and arrangements, drums:
Apulanta Hiekka -single (BV)
Ronnie Starr The Dance/Miss Moonshine (BV)
Peer Gunt No Pearsing No Tattoo (BV)
Guts n’ Glory (BV)
Hanna Pakarinen Lovers (BV)
Los Bastardos Finladeses My Name Is El Muerte (BV)
Return Of El Diablo (BV)
El Grande's Saloon (BV)
Saved By Rock n Roll (BV)
Crazy World Crazy World (BV)
Lordi Get Heavy (BV, Drs)
The Monsterican Dream (BV, Drs)
The Arockalypse (BV, Drs)
Deadache (BV, Drs)
Babez For Breakfast (BV, Drs)
Thunderstone Dirt Metal (BV)
Ari Koivunen Raging Machine -single (BV)
Kärtsy Hatakka Wicked -single (BV)
Iconcrash Stockholm (BV)
Love Like Mercury (BV)
Stala & So. Shout
Spring Romance
Got to Believe
Bye Bye
One Nite Stand
Everything For Money
My Happy Day
(Won't Let You) Down Again
Life's Too Hard
Hot Blooded
Hey What's Goin' On?
Back On The Road
Lordi Haunted Town
Pet The Destroyer
To Hell With Pop
Deadite Girls Gone Wild
It Snows In Hell
Dr. Sin Is In
Where’s The Dragon
Hate At First Site
Monsters Keep Me Company
Järjestyshäiriö Levoton
Voitaisiin kurkottaa tähtiin
Anna Anteeksi
Pete Parkkonen Final Day
Wellu Rowaltz Any Final Words